Online Bill Pay

With Patriot Bank's Online Bill Pay, there is no need to worry about getting stamps or last minute racing to the post office!  You can schedule your payments to be drafted from your account automatically, on your schedule.  With your bills being paid automatically, your mind will be at ease and you won’t be wasting time standing in line at the post office.

To pay your bills automatically each month, utilize Patriot Bank’s Online Banking to:

  • Schedule recurring payments
  • Schedule any single payments

As of 9/19/22, paying online bills just got easier!  With Patriot Bank's Same-Day ACH payment option, you can now receive credit for your payment without delay. If a business or vendor is set up to accept an ACH payment, you may send a Same-Day ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment for a charge of $9.95 per transaction.  If a business or vendor cannot accept an ACH payment, you may still send an overnight check for $14.95.

To hear more about Same-Day ACH or if you have other questions or problems, please call 731-288-7360 during normal banking hours or email   

**Patriot Bank is committed to ensure the safety of your financial information and would like to remind you that e-mails are not secure. Sensitive personal and account information such as account numbers, passwords or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) should never be sent by e-mail.

E-mail messages may not be used to place a stop payment on a check, request transfers between accounts, report lost or stolen checks, or to report lost or stolen MasterCard Check cards and/or PINs. E-mail messages do not serve as a sufficient means for request to provide written notice to us regarding your account.

A Patriot Bank representative may not immediately review e-mail messages that you send.  Please contact the bank by phone for issues needing immediate attention.
For issues regarding personal information, please call us at the number provided above.