Card Valet

Patriot Bank is pleased to offer Card Valet by Fiserv, a new mobile app that gives you the ability to manage your debit card anywhere, anytime.

Card Valet allows you to:

• Turn the debit card “on” or “off”
• Receive real-time alerts
• Monitor and control debit card use
• Create transaction controls for specific locations or geographical areas
• Set spending limits for general use or types of merchants (i.e. gas, groceries, or retail)

Google Play and App Store    Card Valet

To use Card Valet, visit the Apple App or Google Play store and download the Card Valet app.

  1.  Open the app and have your debit card ready.
  2.  Click the "Sign up free" button.
  3.  Enter or scan your debit card number.
  4.  Verify your identity by entering your name, CVV code (the three-digit code on the back of your debit card), and zip code.
  5.  Accept the App Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.
  6.  Enter your email address and create a username and password (your email address can be used as your username).
  7.  Enter your full name.

After following these simple steps, you're ready to use Card Valet

For Card Valet support, call 1-731-445-9587.